All times Central Daylight Time (CDT)

Tuesday, July 16
All times Central Daylight Time (CDT)

0800 (45 min) — Welcome, Introductions, and the Avian Data Lifecycle

Welcome to the DoD / AKN workshop on using the AKN technologies for managing and utilizing avian data in the AKN.

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Review the workshop agenda
  • Logistics and facilities
  • What to do if you encounter technical problems
  • The Avian Data Lifecycle

0845 (20 min) — AKN Project Data 101

We will cover how the AKN represents observational data and how to find the best way to organize and curate your data in a project database.

  • How the AKN organizes data
  • What is a Program?
  • What is a Project Database?

0905 (5 min) — Stretch Break

0910 (50 min) — Managing Project Metadata - Protocols and Sampling Units

We will cover how to create and manage metadata in our Project Database.

  • Protocols and Sampling Units
  • Choosing and managing protocols (DEMONSTRATION of Biologist for Protocol Research and Manage Protocols for Project)
  • EXERCISE 1: Creating the Point Count sampling unit hierarchy (Word or PDF)

1000 (15 min) — BREAK

1015 (15 min) — Managing Project Metadata - Researchers

We will continue learning how to create and manage metadata in our Project Database.

  • Download the sampling units into a GIS file (DEMONSTRATION of Biologist for Download Locations to GPS, GIS and more)
  • Researchers
  • Demonstration - Adding researchers (DEMONSTRATION of Biologist for Assign Researchers to Project)

1030 (25 min) — Entering Observation Data

We will cover how to enter observation data into the Project Database that is defined by the metadata we created.

  • EXERCISE 2: Enter and proof a point count field survey (Word or PDF)
  • Downloading your point count data (DEMONSTRATION of Biologist for Download Observations)

1055 (45 min) — Bulk loading data to a Project

We will cover how to bulk load data into the Project Database.

  • Templates for uploading, and batch processing
  • EXERCISE 3: Bulk loading sampling locations (Word or PDF)

1140 (20 min) — Managing Project Data - Data Sharing Levels

We will give an overview of what data sharing levels we have and how the project leader controls them.

  • What data sharing levels are available?
  • Motivations for sharing data
  • Setting data sharing levels (DEMONSTRATION of Biologist for DataSharingLevels)

1200 (60 min) — Lunch Break

1300 (120 min) — Presentations on local bird survey efforts

1500 (30 min) — Introduction to field exercise and logistics for Wednesday

  • Field Exercise and Data Entry (Part 1)
    • Introduction to field protocol and datasheets
    • Volunteers with Avenza can upload maps

1530 (30 min) — Day 1 Wrap-up

  • Plus, Delta
  • Setting the stage for Wednesday

1600 — Adjourn

Wednesday, July 17
All times Central Daylight (CDT)

0800 (60 min) — Meet at the classroom

  • Divide up into groups for each transect, hand out field forms as needed
  • Bring clipboards, pencils, binoculars, and a timer (e.g., your phone or watch).

0900 (3 hrs) — Point Counts in small groups

  • See "Field Exercise and Data Entry" for an example filled out field form.

1200 (60 min) — Lunch

1300 (60 min) — Data entry

  • Field Exercise and Data Entry (Part 2)
    • Upload Sampling Units
    • Enter data

1400 (30 min) — Day 2 Wrap-up

  • Plus, Delta
  • Setting the stage for Thursday

1430 (120 min) — Office Hours

1630 — Adjourn

Thursday, July 18
All times Central Daylight (CDT)

0800 (40 min) — AKN Warehouse Data 101

We will cover how data flows and is made available to other tools and users across DoD and the AKN.

  • What is a Data Warehouse?
  • Data sharing levels and the AKN tools that use them.
  • Data ownership guidelines/policies and agreements.

0840 (60 min) — Discovering observation data

We will cover how to discover other projects using the AKN.

  • Demonstration of RAIL Tool
  • EXERCISE 4: Create a species list with RAIL Tool (Word or PDF)
  • Downloading data from a Warehouse using Data Download (DEMONSTRATION of Data Downloader)

0940 (15 min) — BREAK

0955 (35 min) — Looking for trends

We will explore solving some of the specific problems that are faced by DoD facilities.

  • Looking at data in Analyst (DEMONSTRATION of Analysts for data review)
  • EXERCISE 5: Using the Analyst and Observations Map (Word or PDF)

1030 (60 min) — What should you expect in the coming year with AKN and DoD?

We will cover plans and updates for DoD and the AKN.

  • DoD AKN Program Overview
  • OSD and Military Services Support
  • Military Service Progress
  • DoD Tools
  • DoD Mission-Sensitive Species
  • DoD Data Needs
  • Contracting Language
  • DoD AKN User Guide
  • New AKN Tools
  • FY24 Priority Tasks
  • DoD Mission Benefits
  • What do you want to see?

1130 (15 min) — Next Steps for You

We will show how you will add new users as a Project Leader.

  • Creating a new log-in for a biologist or project leader (DEMONSTRATION of steps to register and approve a new user)
  • Assigning roles to project personnel (DEMONSTRATION in ProjectLeaders)
  • Creating a new researcher (DEMONSTRATION in ProjectLeaders)

1145 (30 min) — Wrap-up, Pluses and Deltas

We will evaluate the day and make sure everyone is clear on Office Hours.

  • Pluses and Deltas
  • Parking lot review
  • Reminder of office hours
  • Final questions

1215 (60 min) — Lunch/Adjourn

You are free to leave at this time if you are not signed up for office hours after lunch.

1315 (2 hrs) — Office Hours

1515 — Adjourn